Welcome   to CAIRN  Audio & Web-Cam   Internet Counseling

Welcome to the beginning of a new counseling experience.

The purpose of this page is to give you CAIRN email contact addresses and introduce you to counseling over the internet. 


CAIRN  contact address:

Thank you to contact me  by email 
at : <leon@sped.ucl.ac.be> 

with cc: 
at : <william_rene@hotmail.com> 

William R Leon - CAIRN CEO - KTM Nepal


Meet with William R Leon (PhD)

Please ensure you have read Cairn webpages and you are familiar how to use Webcam or Audio Chat!.

I am keen to meet with you so we can begin working together on the issues which are concerning you. Send me an email today and I will reply within 24 hours to arrange a time to meet with you.

Regardless of where you are in the world I will speak to you when it suits you.

Try this new form of counselling. It is strictly confidential and you don't have to leave your home or office.



CAIRN Consortium 2004

Cairn " Center for Advanced Intervention Research in Nepal"  is a EU-NGO (Non- Profit High Education and Counselling 
Training Provider ),  being affiliated with  the St- Xavier's Social Service Center (SXSSC) and  St- Xavier's Campus 
(SXC) in KTM/Nepal,  the UWS/CDS (Swansea University of Wales / Center for Development Studies) in Wales /UK, 
the UCL ANSO/LAAP (Anthropologie Prospective Unit at the UCL/LLN in Belgium), the UCL/FOPES (Adult Education)
at UCL/LLN),  the ISI-CNV NLP3 Institute (Professional Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy Training in Nice/France), 
as well as a network with selected local NGOs,  INGOs, and various Tibetan and Himalayan Traditional Social/Health 
Care Units based in Nepal, India, Canada, USA and the EU-. CAIRN Counselling Center is based in Bodhanath/KTM.

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