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You may submit an Application for the following options:



Please click hereunder for CAIRN General Conditions & Options:

CAIRN General Options Terms & Conditions : please click here!


1- Applying for a Visa

If you have an unconditional offer to study in UK from September 2005, you should start applying for a visa from June 2005 onwards. You can find up-to-date advice on how to apply from these web pages, please click here to DOWNLOAD these official references:

These documents can be veiwed using Adobe Reader, available to download free by clicking here

You should also check with the British Embassy or High Commission in your home country to see what local procedures they follow.

For further information regarding applying for your visa, please see the International Students Handbook.



2- CAIRN Exchange Programme General Terms & Conditions

CAIRN provides a warm welcome to all new students.

International Foundation Programme
September 2005 - June 2006

CAIRN Foundation Programme is taught on-campus in UK, Canada and France by academic staff from the selected University's departments. Expert English and/or French language tuition is delivered by experienced and highly qualified language tutors. CAIRN aims to provide you with the skills in writing, reading, listening and speaking that you need to undertake a degree programme. There is also the opportunity to continue with your English language studies for as long as you like after your foundation programme ends.

You will also be given study-skills tutoring, enabling you to get the best out of your studies in the UK.

All your teaching will be delivered on campus by staff. All single students are guaranteed University accommodation for the duration of the foundation programme and subsequent degree course.

You will be a full student member of the University and will benefit from our entire range of academic, welfare, social and sporting facilities. You will be offered high-levels of pastoral care and guidance throughout the duration of the programme.



3- CAIRN Support

Around 12,000 students, and a thriving population of 2000 international students, are the current figures which our partner the  UWS University of Wales Swansea UK- have in attendance during 2004-05 based upon excellent facilities and a friendly community.

If you have a place to study with us you may want to read our Frequently Asked Questions before you arrive.

There is information to assist you in Applying for your Visa and the International Student Advisory Service is also available free of charge to answer all your questions. Don't forget to register as required by the Home Office.

For detailed information regarding study in Wales, please see the website.

Working in the UK while you study needs careful planning. First, find out if you're eligible to work in the UK.

After reading the above General Terms& Conditions and Guidelines, presented above (click)



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Please return this form to CAIRN(Nepal) by email or attached file (DOC)
at : leon@sped.ucl;, with cc:


Please fill-in:

Reference Form for CAIRN Postgraduate Studies

Application for Admission to CAIRN Postgraduate Studies in Asia and/or
to Wales UWS Summer Campus UK  and  Nice Winter Campus in France :
yr ref:                                  Number (for office use only):

REM: In case of a project linked with EC- Erasmus Mundus or Asia-Link, please contact CAIRN for EC- Guidelines at :

This formulaire is only for academic registration, more...

Please complete this form.

Surname/Family Name :
Previous Surname/Family Name (if relevant) :
Other Names (in full) :
Title :
Home email contact address :
Home postal address :
(Address is valid from …./…... /..…  to …./….../….)
Telephone No. (including area code):
Fax No. (inc. area code):
(Other email / cc: optional):

Confidentiality secured data
Date of  Birth
date  :
month :
year :
Sex: Male/Female
First Language (if other than English) :
Disability/Special Needs :

Passport Details
Passport Country:
Passport Number:
Paasport validity (must be 6 months valid)
Passport issued on:
Passport expires on:
Passport issued where:
Passport issued by:
Did you already applied for a visa (Yes/No) :
in the EU :            (specify type of visa) :
in UK :                 (specify type of visa) :
Did you already travel to the EU or UK  (specify) :
How long did you stay in the EU or UK  (specify) :

Immigration Procedure
You will have one Homecountry Certificate of Residence (visa required):
You (will) have one Health Insurance (visa required):
Did you already applied to Consulate or Immigration for interviews:
You will have one contact address in case of urgency (optional):

Option Chosen:
Full or Part-time:
Requested Year/period for Entry:
Define your Topic of  Research Project:
Have you previously applied for admission to
Postgraduate studies in the EU or UK :
If yes, please specify your application :

Name of individual or organisation providing funds for study :
Are your studies self-financed :
Is any other sponsorship proposed :
Please specify evidence of financial support required prior to visa :
Bank account (can also be used for refunding!):
Bank identification:
Account holder's name:
Is is in local currency only / or USD compatible:

Please give details of your degree :
Any other equivalent qualification :
Awarding Institution or Body :
Official Name of Qualification :
(ie: BA, BSc, MA, MSc, PhD, Diplom, Maîtrise, Ptychion, etc)
Subject(s) of degree:
Result:(e.g. class, GPA, etc)
Date of Award:

Name and full postal address of the institution
at which you have studied for your degree:
_____________________________________________________________________________________________     _____________________________________________________________________________________________     _____________________________________________________________________________________________
Dates of Attendance:
From:         Month ____________________________      Year __________________                                                  To:             Month ____________________________      Year __________________
NOTE:   If you accept  to undertake postgraduate studies,
it will be necessary to prove the awarding of your degree.

Other Degrees :
Higher Degrees and/or Professional Qualifications :
Title(s) Date(s) of Award(s) :
Name of the institution or awarding body :

English Language Proficiency – applicable only if your first language is not English :
Please give TOEFL, IELTS or CPE score :
Copies of the relevant certificates need to be attached.
Name of test: ____________
Score: _________
Date of most recent test: ______________________
Date of forthcoming test: ______________________
Use this space to add any further information regarding your English Language proficiency
(e.g. if your undergraduate course was taught through the medium of English).
You may be required to undertake further studies in English before you commence your postgraduate course

Please use this space to add these information to your application.
Provide a brief outline of the proposed research topic :

Motivation for  the chosen scheme of study:

Applicants seeking admission on the basis relevant experience should use
this space to outline their career upto date  and/or provide details of any
relevant training qualifications (eg : ICT- diplomas,  certificates, etc.) :

Applications cannot be processed without references.
Please provide the names, addresses and positions of two academic or work-related referees.



I confirm that the information provided on this application form is true, complete and accurate,
and that no information requested here or other material information has been omitted by me.
I understand that CAIRN reserves the right to establish the authenticity of my application and
that it reserves the right to cancel my application if false information has been provided.

Signature of Applicant:
Yr email contact address:
Please return this form to CAIRN(Nepal) by email attached file (DOC)
at : leon@sped.ucl;, with cc: