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Tibetan  Medicine & Rejuvenation

Discover optimum well being through a full 
menu of Tibetan meditation, treatment and 
rejuvenation technics at Cairn Elixir.

Experience a renewal of energies, as we 
will guide you on how to maximize your experience. 

After a detailed consultation, your personal 
guide will customize a program to help you 
achieve your goals, rejuvenate, clarify mental,
manage stress, detoxify, cleanse, as well 
as reach other more spiritual goals. 
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Innovative Healing 

With a unique focus on the Tibetan 
traditional heritage of Healing and
Rejuvenation, Cairn Elixir is creating
an innovative synthesis between age-old 
therapies and modern technology.

Beside Tibetan medicine pills, massage,
healing bath and traditional accupuncture,
these now include new approaches using
energo-chromo and sound-image therapy,
arts& therapy (healing thangkas painting)
and other practices of the Body of Light.

Regarding purely medical interventions,
Kunphen Tibetan Medicine research
centers and clinics may provide you
with a personalized services in Nepal 
and Tibet. Click here.



Tibetan  Yoga

Tibetan Yoga will help you to enhance the
physical, emotional and spiritual well being,
using the branches of Tantras Yoga, Tsa-
Lung and Dzogchen practices.

For those who already practice them, these
will be related to the wellknown Hatha, Ajna
and Raja Yogas. 

Drawing from a wealth of spiritual ancient 
healing arts, Tibetan Yoga Visualisation will
set you at the source of the Body of Light
tradition. Cairn Elixir is an experience that 
is highlighted by certified expertise and 
a dedicated environment  Click here.



Tsa-Lung (Hand Healing)

Tibetan Traditional Hand Healing technics,
called : the  "Tsa-Lung"   technics, will be 
introduce to you and its practice explained.

Similar to the Nadis, Reiki and Acupuncture
channels, the Tsa-Lung channels are literally
found in Tibetan scriptures dealing with the
 'channels-wind' . They are also called 'hand 
healing', being energy projection/visualization
process knowledge. Click here.



Treatment and Therapy

Beside training seminars, Cairn Elixir also
organizes two sets of options for access to
Tibetan medicine treatment and therapies,
either in Europe (1) or in Nepal/Tibet (2).

Based on the ancient Tibetan medical 
tradition, these care for the inner body 
through caring for the outer body. 

In combination with medicinal pills, fasting, 
massages, baths with various essences,
yogas, contemplation of healing paintings 
and visualisation are proposed as technics 
for healing and rejuvenation

These technics pay attention to the body 
energy and the channels through which it 
travels, including the relation between the
locations on the outside of our body and 
our major organs.

Participants may be prepared by exercises, 
relaxation and meditation. Mantras and 
Tantras meditation are proposed.

All treatments are currently being given at 
the Kunphen Medical Centre in Kathmandu,
Nepal and in Nyalam Tibet / TAR China. 
Please e-mail us for more information.




Tibetan Healing Massage

Tibetan healing massage is a complete 
system of treatment, based upon the 
ancient knowledge of pressure points, 
acupressure and meridians. 

In this type of massage, pressure is 
applied in moving patterns with the aim 
of stimulating the flow of energies and 
body fluids. By applying the proper massage, 
using a normal oil or a special medicinal 
product, many ailments can be cured. 
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Fitness plays an important role in the 
rejuvenation process and Cairn Elixir
offers a menu of fitness activities to bring
about a sense of enhanced well being.

Diet is an integral part of rejuvenation and 
forms a quintessential element of Cairn
Elixir philosophy, not necessarily to be 
looked at as a necessity to diet but instead
how to gather a more balanced and energetic
' Way of Life'. Click here.



Tibetan  Psychology  &  Counselling

Tibetan Psychology and Counselling 
have their basis in the understanding of 
the holistic nature and functioning of the 
mind and different states of experiences.

It sees the body and mind as mutually
interdependant and interdetermining on 
all levels –including basic energy level. 

Tibetan Psychology, Psychotherapy and 
Counselling concepts are deeply related 
to Tibetan Philosophy and Materia Medica.
There is no distinction between mental 
and physical disorders, as in the Tibetan
Medicine philosophy all such phenomena 
are manifested at a single level, that being 
through the psychic centers and channels
(ie: lungs, jinas and nadis).

Complementary to the Himalayan herbal 
remedies, Tsa-lung,  yogas and meditation
praxis, Cairn Elixir proposes a selection of 
innovative approaches which are linked to 
benefit of cultural immersion and embodiment
of spiritual archetypes and energy, in both
Tibetan Dzogchen and Holistic Psychology.
Counselling, Coaching and Psychotherapy 
consultations (online) are also available.
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Dzogchen:  " Body of Light Seminars "
For the " Dzogchen:  Body of Light 
Healing  and  Divination  Training
Seminars ",
Click here.
"Shamans Healing & Divination "
Body of Light Divination & Visualisation
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