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Euro-Asia  Cross-Cultural  Awareness  Training & Consulting E-NGO 
 e-Platform for Asia-Link, Eramus Mundus and Field-research Network 

Tibetan Medicine 

Cairn  Mission  Statement



The  Mission of Cairn Consortium  is to: 

  1. offer high- education curriculum and field-research options, in tailored joint- programs that promote and cultivate Euro-Asia cross-cultural awareness of the present moment through the intellectual study of the heritage, the know-how of technical skills, the embodiment through artistic and meditative disciplines, and pursuance in a recognized European ECTS/ECDL certification partnership; 
  2. foster an Asian/Himalayan focused experiential learning community (composed of EU students, faculty, staff, trustees, and alumni) that uncovers wisdom and heart; 
  3. cultivate openness and communication, sharpen critical intellect, enhance resourcefulness, and develop effective action in all related disciplines; 
  4. exemplify the principles grounded in the Humanities of both educational heritages; 
  5. encourage the integration of traditional healing root- traditions in the modern world.


Nowadays, the Cairn Consortium established network of recognized HEIs, NGOs and SMEs
has international cooperation MoU Agreements on research, exchange and teaching with:


Partners  Partner Unit Country Expertise
Executive > (*)
RWL (*) Cairn CEO International Coordinator CEO
Prof. Singleton M (*) UCL/ANSO/LAAP Belgium Anthropology Prospective 
Olbrechts P Lecturer (*) ANSO/LAAP EC- Admin Belgium Admin & Financial Managt
Prof. P-Jo Laurent (*) UCL/ANSO/LAAP Belgium Health Anthropology
Prof. Steichen R (...) UCL/PSP/ARAC Belgium Clinical Anthropo  Psycho
open... UCL/FOPES Sud Belgium Continuous Education
Swansea U Wales
Prof. Ian Clegg (*) UWS/CDS Wales U UK Development Studies
Howard M-J Lecturer (*) ICT-/VLE Wales U UK ICT-/VLE Pedagogy Online
Jenni M-J Philosophy (PhD)  UK Philosophy Postgraduate
Nigel Graddon  EU Dev Policy in Wales  UK Welsh European Parliament
Fr. Robins SJ (*) SXC/SXSSC Nepal Director INGO/HEI KTM
Rajendra Shrestha SXSSC Nepal Drug Abuse  Detox/Rehab
Fr. Augustine SJ St- Xavier's Campus SXC  Nepal SXC Director KTM
KHM (Be)
Herman Duponcheel KHM Mechelen Belgium Investigation Journalism
JCG (Austria)
Neubauer Martin  Joanneum Campus Graz  Austria Asia-Link AUNP Erasmus
Nice U (France)
Prof. Devos Cl Nice U Anthropo Unit France Anthropo / Sociology
Hu Weiguo Nice U Anthropo France Chinese Medicine
Midol Nancy Nice U Anthropo  France Health Anthropo
Marco Paret ISI-CNV Psychotherapy France & Italy NLPIII, Hypno/Psychotherapy
Genoa U (Italy)
Prof. Guerci  Genoa U Ethnomedicine Italy
CAIRN Human Resources
Claude Hallin CAIRN R&D  INGO  INGO Project Management
VDH Cathy Psychology Belgium Applied Psychology HRD
John & Julie Heart @Work  SME/INGO Canada Counselling, Therapy,
Honorary Board Members        
Mr. Michel Hallin Shanti Belgium Marketing R&D
Mrs. Joanna Greenlaw Author & Researcher  Wales UK Marketing R&D
Mrs. E Leon CAIRN NGO Support Wales UK  
Mr.  Robert Adolphy Marketing Division Belgium Marketing R&D
Mrs. M. Hallin Yoga Curriculum France  
Mr.  Eric Delgoffe ICT- Architecture Project Belgium Marketing R&D
Mrs. Luce Renotte Cairn NGO Support Belgium  
Mr. Colin Millard Health Anthropology R&D Edinburgh U UK Bon-Po Traditional Medicine
Mr. Pascal Chardome Eco & Music Producer Belgium Design Arts&Cultural Pgr
Mr. Jonothon Boulter Author & Researcher  London  UK Marketing R&D
Mrs. E Leon CAIRN NGO Support Wales UK  

The following Cairn Consortium EU-NGO framework is indicative only!


Partners & Advisory Field Country Expertise inputs
Lecturers, Trainers, 
Advisory Members:
Howard M-J
All training in ICT-/VLE Wales UK Online
Paret Marco
E-Marketing - Hypnosis
NLPIII - Psychotherapy
Webmaster & trainer
Emile Massone Acupuncture Chinese Med Nice France
Houtart Fr Crisis Prevention CETRI INGO Belgium
Prof.Gartoulla NIHS KTM Nepal Ethnomedicine & Policy
Dr. Tsering PHC MBBS TB Nepal
Amchi Jampa Tibetan Med
Amchi T Wangpo Tibetan Med
Amchi T Pedon Tibetan Med

Lopon Sherab  Tsa-rLung Lama Nepal Yoga & Visualization
Jose & Mei  Nyingma Philosophy  India PhD research
Lobsang Norbu Shastri Dharma Publication Sarnath India CIHTS CHITS Tibetan Institute
Furba Lama Shamans Nepal Translator & Guide
Tibetan Scholars
Tarab Tulku Rimpoche Tarab Ladrang Inst Dk Tibetan Psychotherapy
Matthieu Ricard Shechen Gompa Nepal
Lopon Tenzin Namdak Bon-Po gompa Swayambu Nepal
Keith Dowman Boddhanath Nepal
Chris Daniels Boddhanath Nepal

Institutional  Requirements


Because the offered Joint- Postgraduate/Masters Courses must already in existence and must be fully operational at the time of a European university Consortium application to the Erasmus Mundus programme, Cairn Consortium already implements most of the options listed above as a self-sustainable joint-venture based on students personal Cultural Immersion project requests, thus fulfilling the necessary minimum preparatory activities.

A EC-/Erasmus Mundus Programme Joint-Masters Course must consist of an integrated study programme. All of these features must be fulfilled at the time of application and described in the application in technical detail. As regards the delivery of a double/multiple or joint degree, the Commission accepts an exception to this rule for the 2004 and 2005 selection rounds only: if a consortium cannot guarantee the awarding of a double/multiple or joint degree at the time of application, it has to add a declaration that it is able to do so at the time of selection (early September 2004 for the Call for Proposals relating to the academic year 2004/2005; January 2005 for the Call for Proposals relating to the academic year 2005/2006). This declaration will be checked against its truthfulness before taking a selection decision. In case of non-fulfilment of this criterion the application will be rejected.

Most of those institutional requirements thus reside in the ability and stamina of concerned European partners to abide in due time to the prior-conditions presented in the EC-Guidelines.

Cairn/SXC Consortium HQ in KTM/Nepal can only serve the purpose of striving to become a suitable Asian/LDC platform, as required for the Asian part from the EC- Guidelines.

The following TABLE is indicative of the potential options being already operational.

Personalized Curriculum Project- based :

Cross-cultural Awareness Postgraduate Options

(Masters Diploma : upto 180 ECTS/ECDL credits in 3 to 5 years)

Units UCL/LLN Swansea Nice (2 years)  Joanneum ISI/CNV Genoa SXC/KTM
Projects initiated as per discipline LAAP, FOPES, ARAC Development Studies (IC) or  ICT-/VLE Health, Anthropology, Philosophy Cross-Cultural & Pedagogy NLPIII, Psycho-, Hypno-, therapy Ethno-medicine, Multimedia Cultural Immersion Field-studies
Project-based! Belgium UK/Wales France Austria Nice FR Italy Network
Year One > Projects are initiated at  Home- Unit in University or HEI situated in the EU (1year 3X20= 60 credits) LAAP Health Anthropology, ARAC Clinical Anthropology, FOPES Adult Education in Development Studies  Development Management, Hermeneutic, INGOs Policy & Practices, ECDL, e-Learning, Communication, Media Dbase, Anthropologie de la Santé, Principes de la Médecine Trad Chinoise, Qigong, Acupuncture, les Eléments,  Cross-cultural differences in learning styles, ..., training "International Management Consulting" NLPIII, Psycho-, Hypno-, therapy, Coaching,  Symbols, NGO Adult Education Ethnomedicine (e- Museum) Database, Ethnopsychiatry, Health Anthropology, Trad Health & Wellbeing,  CAIRN Network inputs in Traditional Medicine, Energo- Anthropo & Psycho
EC- Project : advised R&D Asia-Link and Erasmus Mundus  (C) ECDL certificates for ICT-/VLE Online-learning Dbase System/ Dev Philosophy  adaptation of Curriculum to e-learning & multimedia Dbase System Himalayan Traditional Health  Tele- Medicine /e- Posgraduate (C) (C) Local Network inputs
Year Two > ICT-/VLE ECDL credits or Development Studies ECTS (1year 3X20= 60 credits)              
CAIRN/SXC field-inputs in psychotherapy, energotherapy, ethnomedicine, heath anthropo  & prospective development studies Asia              
Year Three> Cultural Immersion Asia/Nepal Fieldresearch /Internships'  Essay, docs, multimedia docs eval               
Nepal/Asia: Options for cultural immersion can be from 1 to 4 months each year  two times, or one full year visa one time, as per project!               
OPEN IN Sept 2004 (*) (*)         (*)

 (C) : Units experts consultancies

Beyond these academic and motivational requirements, participants will need to have the ability to work from their own initiative within a diversified cultural context and within target-communities, where fruitful relations are based on mutual trust and respect.  Honesty, adaptability, openness, and tolerance are essential qualities. 

Cairn organizes this programme in order to facilitate the access, for EU- and American researchers, development professionals and postgraduate students, to strategic
Euro-Asia  Transcultural  Counselling Field- Research & Courses Options 
in Nepal, India, Tibet/TAR China and S-Asia.

Options include training resources in Post- Development Policies, Rehabilitation, Crisis Prevention and Remediation, Vocational, Career and/or Educational Counselling, Education online, Investigation Journalism or simple Volunteer projects, as well as more indepth training experiential in healing and psychotherapy in Tibetan Traditional Medicine Psychology (Tsa-rLung Healing). These can be linked easily to the participants academic background within disciplines such as : Clinical Anthropology, Health Anthropology, Social/Health Education, Applied Psychology to Counselling, Ethno-medicine, Phenomenology, Transpersonal (Holistic) Psychotherapy, as well as Applied Psychology to HRD and Organization Management.

A short list of high quality online training resources and highly qualified practitioners has been selected in situ, for designing, delivering, coaching and facilitating the inputs at the various professional levels required for ECTS/ECDL credits in professional training research certification.


Cairn  Education Counselling  Services 

CAIRN  Education Counselling Center will assist higher education students, 
trainees and/or researchers in making rational and cost-effective decisions,
while reviewing the process and curriculum options, presented hereunder :

  Cairn  Mission  Statement

  Joint- Postgraduate,  Masters  &  Doctorate  Studies  (General Programme)

  Culture  Change  Options

  CAIRN  Postgraduate  Degrees Certification (ECTS/ECDL)

  CAIRN  Cultural Immersion Field-studies (Tentative Itinerary)

  CAIRN  Cultural Immersion Field-studies - Case Studies (ie: Tibetan Medicine)

  CAIRN  Consortium - HEIs/NGOs Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Partnership

  CAIRN  Consortium - Euro-Asia Network: Asia-Link / Erasmus Mundus Project (R&D)

  CAIRN  Consortium - A General Outlook

Please click on " A General Outlook" hereabove for a one page, full programme details!


Strategic  Asian Target-site(s)  Location

Situated in the strategic site of Boddhnath Stupa ( KTM Valley Nepal), itself a crossroad and 
a renown pilgrimage powerplace, Cairn Consortium is at the core of the Himalayan region outstanding beauty, as well as immerged into local religious, cultural, commercial and (post-) development issues. As a Regional HEIs/NGOs Network, Cairn also has other selected partners located in North India (Sarnath, Varanasi, Delhi and Tsopema HP), Tibet - TAR (Nyalam, Lhasa, Kham) and China (Shanghai), Thailand, Burma (Myanmar) and Bali...

From their learning, seeing, talking, listening, practicing, experiencing, travelling and discussing – Cairn programme participants will emerge from their stay with a different view of Asia, of their home country and also perhaps of themselves.  For some, this will have been their first encounter with Nepalese, Tibetans or Chinese, and they will return home with much to ponder. Perhaps for some others the greatest reward will have been the friendships established with other participants, and with the local people and youth they got to know.  Regardless of the respective backgrounds, Cairn will have been a meeting place for some of the brightest and most interesting students and will be remembered and valued for the rest of their lives.

Personalized project's tutoring/coaching will enhance participant’s ability to understand 

their experiential, as being Gestalts immersed in a broad geopolitical eco-social structure, 
its symbolic efficacy and ongoing cultural changes, for which appraisal most Europeans 
and Asians similarly are often ill-prepared. 


CAIRN  Innovative  Pedagogy

(Tentative Itinerary & Process)

During 28 days minimum and to upto 4-5 months maximum, motivated high school students or researchers being gathered from various parts of Canada, UK, the United States and Europe, will come to Bodhanath Stupa - KTM to live, study, practices and travel together in the whole of the Himalayan range, exploring a very different culture and lifestyle, and a very different perceptions of people and themselves.  They will experience both the traditions and changes that make the Stupa of Bodhanath so distinctive and so important for being able to grasp and understand insights of the present things, and things to come, in a variety of ways enabling them to understand what they see. 

Participants will choose from a wide variety of online courses, or bring a personal research theme, allowing them to gain an understanding of some of the key concepts, background and methodology of some of the controversial topics that are at the forefront of the changes sweeping through Nepal, Tibet, China and India. From the meeting of these prerequisite with their experiential, they will be in position to appreciate the deep traditions and history that underlie everything that happens in the Himalayan region and around. 

Students and researchers will work with qualified NGOs experts, academic tutors of repute and the young local generation to undertake different field studies and investigate for themselves the key issues of their projects. Coaching, supervision and daily briefings, sometimes discussed in classes is an important aspect of the quality of experiential. Through extensive opportunities they will meet and talk with a wide range of people, from lamas, artists, businessmen, NGOs or HEIs officials, to ordinary shopkeepers, youth and workers, by visiting villages, urban homes, SMEs small enterprise workplaces, local NGOs, monasteries, temples, schools, they will compare what they learn in class with what they experience themselves. This combination of high-level academic instruction with project-based investigative learning, discussions and debates, and online broadband interaction with database online is what will make Cairn programme a unique opportunity, in a unique place.

Face to face language tutorials in Nepalese, Indi, Tibetan and/or Chinese are made available as options for those who seek the abilities which will allow them to share, understand, develop, or hone their skills in close contact with local people.

Demolition of the old and construction of the new are everywhere, including the effects of the ongoing Maoists insurgency. This is the time to register what Nepalese, Tibetan and Chinese people are feeling, living through and hoping for now.  Students will forever be referring to this experience by saying, "When I studied there, this is what Nepal was like…."



Euro-Asia Transcultural   Cultural Immersion  Volunteer  Options

15, 21~ days,  and  upto 4 months in  Nepal,  India or Tibet (TAR)
Quality  Escorted  Experiential  Tours  & R&D  Field-studies  in
 Tibetan  Traditional  Medicine  and  Tantras  Psychology, 
Arts Therapy,  Himalayan Shamans Healing
and Divination,  Termas  Powerplaces :

    Gain an understanding of cross-cultural differences 

    Develop ways to improve communications between NGOs  employees and colleagues in Asia, Europe and the US, or  between academic multicultural teams 

    Gain a better understanding of how cultural differences impact communications, management and business development 

    Understand Asian & Western business etiquette & protocol 

    Gain an understanding of how the Asians, Americans and Europeans view each other 

    Understand the intricacies of cross-border marketing 

    Develop print and web content that is culturally sensitive 




CAIRN also organizes non-credit specialization field-study certificates
in Nepal/Himalayan Region for clinical professionals and scholars


  Erasmus Mundus and Asia-Link Framework: Y2005-06

  Cross-Cultural Awareness Applied Psychology Training

  Tibetan Medicine Philosophy and Materia Medica (ECTS)  

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Nepal / Himalayan Region
Field-study  Itineraries
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CAIRN also organizes non-credit specialization field-study certificates
in Nepal/Himalayan Region for clinical professionals and scholars


CAIRN  CONSORTIUM  INTERNATIONAL | Nepal | Tibet | Bruxelles | Nice |London


CAIRN Consortium  is joining together human resources counselling training  and
ICT- / Adult Education Online   technology  for a renewed  Euro-Asian  expertise 


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