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Tibetan Psychology Counselling e-Center    
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Welcome to CAIRN





Euro-Asian Doctorate Studies (Professional):

CAIRN Doctorate degrees are based on the EU directives governing Professional Doctorate / Adult Continous Education / Open Learning credits, gained by participants presenting a Doctorate Thesis
project which conceptual, experiential and methodological requirements are achieved through a flexible accumulation of ECTS/ECDL credits in the fields of ICT- Arts&Therapy and Humanities Field-Studies.

Suitable experienced candidates can be admitted for a Professional Doctorate Thesis in subjects, such as:  Euro-Asian Education Exchange Marketing and Promotion Strategy Prospectives (HEIs, NGOs and SMEs), the use of e-learning Multimedia Database for Humanitarian Assistance training development, field-studies in Philosophy, Traditional Health, Ethnomedicine, Clinical Anthropology and/or Shamanism.

The thesis link to traditional health phenomenology and to CHOWs training, within their hermeneutics, geo-political,  religious and social dimensions for services delivery, will be particularly encouraged.

Cairn organizes Professional  Doctorate Thesis (ECTS/ECDL) from  the opportunity provided by Directives for EU Continuous Education (Professional Training) wit a training content  based on applicants previous professional experience or renewed interest.

There are already hundreds of examples of Open Learning Online, Continuous Adult Education and Professional Postgraduates and Doctorates within the EU and British universities, not mentioning
Private Education Providers in USA, Canada, Australia and UK. 

However, none so far, have designed an integrated framework of options being a cost-effective flexible menu of EU certified credits from an experts academic units network collaboration, and being
affordable for answering the specific needs and priorities of students and trainees in Nepal/S-Asia.

Even less is being done so far for answering the EU researchers or students interest in Traditional Health or Philosophy from serious academic resources in Nepal, in such areas of ongoing studies 
in the Arts & Humanities, as Dharma, Tibetan Philosophy, Ethno-medicine or Himalayan Traditional Health.

This is why Cairn Consortium, in collaboration with the SXC/SXSSC has initiated a new platform for academic exchange and field-studies, including VLE resources with courses online, videos streaming and  education counselling database, from a selection of genuine key- resources, persons and infrastructures in situ.

Members of the CAIRN EU-Asia Network Doctorate Supervision Board

Function Institutional  Status

CAIRN EU-NGO Organization Management

Cultural Immersion Coordination CAIRN CEO:  
e-Learning Mixed-Mode System Management:  
Howard M-J UWS/DACE Swansea U Wales/UK
Thesis Supervision Board (ECTS/ECDL)  
Fr. William B ROBINS SJ Director St-Xavier's College SXC/SXSSC KTM
Prof. Mike SINGLETON President UCL/POLS/ANSO/LAAP Belgium
Prof. Ian CLEGG ex- UWS/CDS Swansea U Wales UK
Prof. Helene HINTJEN ex- UWS/CDS Swansea U Wales UK
Prof. Antonio GUERCI Genova U Scarpa Ethnomedicine Unit Italy
Prof. Robert STEICHEN UCL/PSP/ARAC Belgium (on standby)
Dr. Julie SWITAJ Psychology Consultancy Canada (on standby)
Dr. Marco PARET NLPIII/Hypnotherapy ISI-CNV ITaly (idem)
for other members, please go to : Consortium  


The key features of Cairn Postgraduate and Doctorate degrees are:

a- the titles are different from MSc or PhD – they directly refer to a particular 
field-expertise or profession, for which credits are being gained by applicants 
who submit a personal project for a Professional Postgraduate or Doctorate
in areas of their previous professional experience or renewed interest,
such as: EdD (education), DBA (business management) , DHA 
(health anthropology) , DEC (education counselling) and other 
open disciplines certification.

b- these are designed for experienced professionals who want to do 
a PhD parttime while remaining at work and who want to proceed 
through a personalized accumulation of credits certificates.

c- their aim is to make an original contribution to professional
knowledge and professional practice through a Thesis. 

d- they are studied in the work-place on an actual problem occurring 
in the local community, as well as allow short intensive Summer and
Winter Campus organized in the EU (min 3 weeks, max 3 months),
and, of course, Cultural Immersion  Field-studies in Nepal/S-Asia.

e- they naturally involve action research and stepwise ethnographic
investigation, from which (consensual diagnosis) a problem is identified, 
an intervention project designed is initiated, some possible solutions are
devised and implemented. The joint-supervision allows effectiveness 
to be monitored by experts in the field, so as to comply with 
EU academic requirements.

f- as there is a significant conceptual, methodological and know-how
taught component in each individual project, material and references
are brought online. This allows the development of knowledge in a most
flexible and cost-effective manner in-situ, provides a focus-group cohort
identity, allow the teaching of research methods, propose the provision 
of extended open menu of related subject training, allows an easy online
sharing of experience and methodologies through forum, and encourage 
de visu (face-to-face) collective debate on common issues, experiences 
and relevance of each research topic through focused Seminars in
the specific profession or training involved. 
(for more details, kindly click here!)

Cultural Immersion and Field-studies

CAIRN also promotes non-credits cultural immersion tours cum  experientials field-studies in clinical anthropology, ethno-medicine and counselling intervention research organized for EU sholars and professionals in Nepal, India and the Himalayan region. 
CAIRN(Nepal) Cultural Immersion and Field-studies for EU scholars  being interested in the Himalayan region, S-Asia and Nepal equation, may focus on current Euro-Asian geo-political issues, including the history, hermeneutics and representations prevailing upon local paradigm.
Finally, CAIRN(Nepal) also provides resources online and consultancy to local schools, NGOs and SMEs (Small and Medium Entreprises).

Browse Euro-Asian Doctorate Studies (Professional)
Personalized Project /
Concept :  Preparatory Certificate to R&D  Thesis Project

Assessment Skills Communication Skills  Coaching & Mentoring 
Action Learning Cross-cultural Diversity  Group-focused & Teams 
ICT/VLE General Training  Legal Framework for Thesis Supervision Board
Organization Development  Project Design Research Methodology
Pedagogic Contract Evaluation Stage Agenda (Memo)
References Literature Stepwise Ethnographic Survey Transcultural Issues
Tools Development Planning Optional Specialist Module Dissertation Thesis

Participatory Evaluation and
Group Facilitation Pedagogy



Applicants must propose a  Doctorate Thesis / Research Project

Minimum prerequisites for participation are a BA level, or 3 years minimum 
professional involvement in a related NGOs and ICT- field of activities. 

Applicants need to apply on basis of drafting a personal project proposal,
and aim gaining a Postgraduate Study Certificate (1 year duration : 60 credits) 
and/or Diploma (3 years duration : 180 credits). They may also choose

to attend ECTS credits certified Undergraduate level Short Courses.

This scheme includes courses options which may be attended both at the SXC
in Nepal (first semester modules) and in the EU itself (one to three months 
maximum duration in the EU).

Non- degree or undergraduate participation is possible for specific
ICT-/System or Software training modules, as presented in the 
Summer & Winter Intensive Training Campus options. 
These are organized with selected ICT- training resources based in EU. 
Conditions for applications are under the usual registration modalities.

SXC/CAIRN(Nepal) Study Abroad General Terms & Conditions abide to 
the EU visa modalities and to the respective international/national 
regulations as a project policy.

The SXC may assist promising Nepalese students or scholars, 
at a later stage (Y2003), through a combination of scholarships
and other provisions, to be considered  with EU partners.

CAIRN  Education Counselling Center will assist higher education students, 
trainees and/or researchers in making rational and cost-effective decisions,
while reviewing the process and curriculum options, presented hereunder :



General  Programme  Options
Short Courses Certificates are of a duration of 1 year, of which 1 month option in EU 

Personalized Project  Certificate  and  Diploma Duration 
Option 01: HRD & ICT-/VLE Certificate  and  Diploma Certif: 1 Year / Dipl: 3 years
Option 02: Development Policy Certificate  and  Diploma CDS Certif: 1 Year / Dipl: 3 years
Option 03: Counselling Short Courses Certificate  Open Learning: 1 to 3 years
Option 04: Psychology HRD Certificate  and  Diploma Certif: 1 Year / Dipl: 3 years
Option 05: Org Management Short Courses Certificate  Open Learning: 1 month EU
Option 06: Marketing Online Short Courses Certificate Open Learning: 1 month EU
Option 07: Doctorate Studies Professional Doctorate Thesis : 3 to 5 Years
Option 08: Tibetan Medicine Health Anthropology ECTS Open Learning  Credits
Option 09: Shamans Rituals Health Anthropology ECTS Open Learning  Credits
Option 10: Phenomenology Phenomenology R&D Open Learning Credits

All Options allow Cultural Immersion or Coaching R&D in Nepal:S-Asia and/or the EU 

Participatory Evaluation and
Group Facilitation Pedagogy 

Under each option or module, you will find a click for further details 
on the course, seminars, field-studies and areas of your interest !


CAIRN  General Program  provides opportunities to: 

  • Learn essential concepts and skills that have an impact on human resource and information management roles.  

  • Focus on specific areas within the strategic areas of  human resource management (HRM),  based on your own choice of elective courses.  

  • Become aware of the latest trends and techniques in ICT-/HRD through professional development seminars.  

  • Network with practitioners, instructors and peers.  

  • Make a field-study paper, coaching or assignement in Asia or the EU. 

For participants interested in gaining a Postgraduate Diploma, the credits 
gathered during those Certificates may be linked to the two Potsgraduate 
Diploma / Foundation Courses found in the Options being :

- CAIRN Option 01 : ICT-/ VLE  & Human Resource Development (TOT)
- CAIRN Option 04 : Applied  Psychology  to   Human Resource Management (TOT)

which have the same core curriculum resources.

CAIRN  Education Counselling Center will assist higher education students, 
trainees and/or researchers in making rational and cost-effective decisions,
while reviewing the process and many options for S-Asia or Europe Study Abroad.

CAIRN  various degrees being proposed are:

- Postgraduate  Diploma  (duration 3 years) : 

Compulsory Modules(*) / Postgraduate  Diploma

Participants aiming to a Postgraduate Diploma (3 years duration) must
accumulate 180 credits in six compulsory modules (20 credits each),
chosen from their project specialization. In addition to the compulsory
modules, participants are expected to complete a dissertation (60 credits)
on a relevant topic. Credits include participation to Short Courses,
and eventually  EU  Summer/Winter Campus cross-cultural schemes.

- Postgraduate  Certificate  (duration 1 year) :

Compulsory Modules(*) / Postgraduate Certificate
For a PostgraduateCertificate (1 year)  60 credits only must be gained. 
Postgraduate Certificate applicants will select three compulsory modules
(20 credits each), for a total of 60 credits of their choice.
Credits include participation to Intensive Seminars and Short Courses,
and eventually  EU  Summer/Winter Campus cross-cultural schemes..

- Postgraduate  Open  Learning :

Part-time Adult Education / Undergraduate Short Study
These are Open Learning part-time Foundation Courses, either
focusing on Language, Marketing Online, HRD  and/or on 
ICT-/VLE System Management skills linked to CAIRN options.
Eligibility conditions are based on the participants academic 
background and/or professional experience (NGOs/SMEs).


- Optional  Placement  Module :

This module is accessible after completion of minimum a Certificate, 
and focuses on a set of agreed tasks or an assignment for placement 
with an I/NGO, donor organization or an ICT-/HRD specialized training 
related NGO/SME in the EU. Credits may be gained this way.


- Professional  Doctorate  (Thesis) :
See details above!

- Summer & Winter Campus in the EU (duration 3 weeks) :

The Summer and Winter Campus / Intensive Training Modules
in the EU are accessible within the period of completion of minimum 
a Certificate, and focus on high-end professional / postgraduate 
training, inclusive of a cross-cultural and languages immersion.
Options are proposed hereunder and will be of a particular 
interest to professional and/or master's degree applicants,
who are seeking for a focused, flexible, cost-effective
and short duration upgrading of their curriculum vitae
and technical skills in relation with European 
opportunities .


European students/researchers may also benefit from the same 

The Summer & Winter Intensive  options are high-end Training Campus
professional modules  in the EU,  which will allow to focus on renewed 
Euro-Asian trans-cultural skills, gain insights in language (English and 
French) and upgrade ones professional know-how.



Cairn Erasmus is a personalized cultural immersion e-learning and communication gateway for parents, teachers, and postgraduate research students. It offers selected online courses and field-research resources focused on Asian LDCs development priorities and intervention research  niches, such as in HRD Capacity Building, e-Marketing, NLPIII, Humanitarian Intervention, Clinical Anthropology, Prospective Anthropology, Tibetan Traditional Healing Psychotherapy, Counselling, Remediation, etc...   Being certified as Cross-cultural Awareness Postgraduate personal research or training projects, within a  flexible menu, Cairn options are organized from the SXC/Cairn KTM selected resources, based in Nepal, northern India, Tibet TAR China, Canada, USA, UK and EU.

Cairn Academic Coaching  is a personalized program and is offered one-on-one by appointment.

CAIRN offers a rigorous but flexible program of experiential cultural immersion study options, grounded on the methodology of Adult Continuous Education Mixed Mode ECTS/ECDL Certification and e-Learning resources in the integrated fields of Health Anthropology, Humanitarian Assistance, Applied Psychology to Counselling and Tibetan Medicine Energotherapy. Based on the comparative approach of the Tibetan Nyingma tradition, it is enriched with studies and practices from other faiths, practices and philosophies, such as the Qi Qong, Tao, Keltic, Shamanic and Yogas healing traditions, as well as western science, pedagogy, psychology and organizational leadership training methods.

The curriculum follows levels of a stepwise knowledge and embodiment coursework, designed to develop a fully qualified practice in ethical organizational leadership, healing and counselling. The levels correspond to EU Postgraduate and Professional Doctorate levels study. Serious students who don't want to complete the whole curriculum and people non interested in certification, per se, but would like to follow CAIRN Experiential Tours & Study practices are also welcome to participate.



Jobs, study and training for 
European Postgraduates in Asia 



  Asian Postgraduate Options




Nepal / Himalayan Region
Field-study  Itineraries
click here!

CAIRN also organizes non-credit specialization field-study certificates
in Nepal/Himalayan Region for clinical professionals and scholars








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