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Cairn Erasmus is a personalized cultural immersion e-learning and communication gateway for parents, teachers, and postgraduate research students. It offers selected online courses and field-research resources focused on Asian LDCs development priorities and intervention research  niches, such as in HRD Capacity Building, e-Marketing, NLPIII, Humanitarian Intervention, Clinical Anthropology, Prospective Anthropology, Tibetan Traditional Healing Psychotherapy, Counselling, Remediation, etc...   Being certified as Cross-cultural Awareness Postgraduate personal research or training projects, within a  flexible menu, Cairn options are organized from the SXC/Cairn KTM selected resources, based in Nepal, northern India, Tibet TAR China, Canada, USA, UK and EU.

Cairn Academic Coaching  is a personalized program and is offered one-on-one by appointment.

Cairn Orgyen Gyaltsen Choling offers professional training courses in the following areas:

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CAIRN Objectives

CAIRN wants to follow the inspiring and innovative drive, launched in the early 1980s by late Tarab Tulku Rimpoche, Trungpa Rimpoche, Dudjom Rimpoche, Kyentse Rimpoche, as well as nowadays by Tenzin Wangyal Rpch, Lopon Tenzin Namdak and others, in their continuous efforts to facilitate a more transparent and scientific approach to the concepts and practices of Dzogchen and the "Body of Light". Directly linked in Nepal with the experiential nature of the Vajrayana philosophy, tools and practices in its natural context, CAIRN allows researchers to gain a more intimate embodiment of the Sacred Healing Arts, as may still be found nowadays in the Himalayan Ayurveda, Chinese Qi-Qong and Tibetan Medicine Tsa-rLung living traditions.

The purpose of this professional training programs is to train students in professional areas of the discipline of e-Psychotherapy, Counselling and Humanitarian Assistance psychology. Each program is designed to provide: (i) a grounding in the theoretical, conceptual and empirical foundations of Tibetan e-Psychology and skills relevant to the various areas of professional practice; (ii) a supervision of practical experience as required under EC- Postgraduate and Professional Thesis ECTS/ECDL in the Himalayan context; and (iii) a focus on action research  in the selected areas of professional specialisation for answering current Himalayan priorities.

Compared with more conventional Psychology programs, CAIRN programs will provide a strong Asian cultural immersion research basis for Westerners future professional activities in Asia, as well as facilitate further insights in professional practices (NGOs, INGOs, HEIs and SMEs).

CAIRN offers a rigorous but flexible program of experiential cultural immersion study options, grounded on the methodology of Adult Continuous Education Mixed Mode ECTS/ECDL Certification and e-Learning resources in the integrated fields of Health Anthropology, Humanitarian Assistance, Applied Psychology to Counselling and Tibetan Medicine Energotherapy. Based on the comparative approach of the Tibetan Nyingma tradition, it is enriched with studies and practices from other faiths, practices and philosophies, such as the Qi Qong, Tao, Keltic, Shamanic and Yogas healing traditions, as well as western science, pedagogy, psychology and organizational leadership training methods.

The curriculum follows levels of a stepwise knowledge and embodiment coursework, designed to develop a fully qualified practice in ethical organizational leadership, healing and counselling. The levels correspond to EU Postgraduate and Professional Doctorate levels study. Serious students who don't want to complete the whole curriculum and people non interested in certification, per se, but would like to follow CAIRN Experiential Tours & Study practices are also welcome to participate.

CAIRN Orgyen Gyaltsen Choling (OGC) e-Psychotherapy Courses, Seminars and Cultural Immersion Options are organized within the framework of the Euro-Nepal Academic Research & Development Unit, and based upon physical and online resources for Adult Continuous Education (e-learning Mixed Mode) being selected in Nepal, India, Tibet/China, UK and Europe.



  Asian Postgraduate Options



Nepal / Himalayan Region
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CAIRN also organizes non-credit specialization field-study certificates
in Nepal/Himalayan Region for clinical professionals and scholars



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